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    Evan Pollock

    Evan Pollock

    Underwriter - Product Recall

    When a recall incident occurs, our comprehensive coverage will reimburse them for the costs they incur to get their product out of the stream of commerce, replace it, as well as the expenses to protect their brand and mitigate the loss. In addition to the product replacement and brand reputation coverage, we also provide coverage to protect their profits as well as the damages incurred by a third party.

    Our Products

    We have crafted three different product offerings that will provide our insureds with the comprehensive coverage needed for their industry. Our three product offerings are Consumable Products, Consumer Goods and Component Parts. We have a broad risk appetite within these offerings which are shown below.

    Consumable products – all topical and ingestible products for human use or consumption

    Considered classes:

    • Bakery & confectionary products
    • Beverages
    • Canned goods
    • CBD & hemp products
    • Dairy products
    • Frozen food & ready-to eat-products
    • Fruits & vegetables
    • Meat, poultry, & seafood
    • Nutraceuticals & pharmaceuticals
    • Sauces, dressings, & condiments
    • Snacks, candy, & chocolate
    • Toiletries & cosmetics.

    Consumer goods – all finished non-food products

    Considered classes:

    • After-market products
    • Apparel & accessories
    • Appliances & electronics
    • Cleaning & janitorial supplies
    • Furniture & home furnishings
    • Home improvement products
    • Medical devices & implants
    • Paper goods
    • Sporting goods & hobby products
    • Tools & hardware.

    Component parts – all components for any industry

    Considered classes:

    • Automotive components
    • Aviation/aerospace components
    • General manufacturing & industrial components
    • Medical device components
    • Metal components
    • Plastic & rubber components
    • Textile components.

    Key elements of our products

    • First party reimbursement policy (including third party damages)
    • Claims made policy
    • Worldwide coverage
    • Minimum SIR for a $1M limit – $2,500
    • Minimum premium for a $1M limit – $3,500
    • Limits as low as $50,000 & up to $5M

    Why Beazley Product Recall?

    • Clear and concise policy forms
    • Unique policy elements (i.e. government advisory as defined in the consumable products policy)
    • Efficient claims handling
    • Broad risk appetite
    • No risk too small (subject to underwriting guidelines)
    • Best in class consultants by line of business
    • Experienced and innovative underwriting capabilities

    Product Recall team

    Focus group leaders

    Florian Beerli

    Head of Specialty Risk & US Programs

    Florian Beerli

    Farmington, CT, USA

    +1 860 677 3541


    Evan Pollock

    Underwriter - Product Recall

    Evan Pollock

    Toronto, Canada

    +1 (416) 777 6203

    Product Recall forms


    Product Recall brochure

    Wordings / policies

    Component Parts Policy
    Consumable Products Policy
    Consumer Goods Policy

    Application forms

    Product Renewal application
    Consumable application
    Non-food application
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