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     Beazley Breach response (BBR)

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    Beazley Breach Response (BBR)

    Rhea Turchinetz

    Rhea Turchinetz

    Head of Vancouver Office

    As companies face ever increasing information security threats, they need their insurance to respond to exposures that didn’t exist just a few years ago. Heightened awareness of privacy issues, new legislative changes, and ever more sophisticated criminal cyber-attacks compound the challenge.

    Beazley Breach Response is a unique insurance, loss control and risk mitigation service that provides a comprehensive service to notify and protect the customers of policyholders that have suffered a data breach. It is tailored to meets the needs - and budgets - of firms of all sizes.


    • Breach response services provided outside the third party limit of liability, ensuring that this limit will not be eroded by prior use of the available breach response services
    • Forensic and legal assistance from a panel of experts to help determine the extent of the breach and the steps needed to comply with applicable laws
    • Notification provided on a number of affected individuals basis, not a capped dollar amount, to persons who must be notified under applicable law or those who are determined to be subject to risk of financial, reputational or other harm
    • Each notified individual to receive an offer for 12 months of free 3-bureau credit monitoring
    • Identity theft-related fraud resolution services for individuals enrolled in credit monitoring who become victims of identity theft
    • A free loss control information service provided with each policy, including compliance and breach response information, email alerts of key legal and regulatory developments, and expert on-line support for client questions on data security issues
    • Additional insuring agreement providing for indemnification of Payment Card Industry (PCI) fines and penalties, resulting from non-compliance with published PCI data security standards
    • Regulatory defence and penalties
    • Public relations and crisis management


    Limits up to $25 000 000 

    Target Markets

    Healthcare, retail, hospitality, higher education, wholesale companies, law firms, manufacturers, charities and others.

    Beazley Breach Response (BBR) forms

    Application forms

    Beazley Breach Response Insurance Application
    Beazley Breach Response Renewal Insurance Application

    Fact sheets

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