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Black History Month Event- US 2023

May 04, 2023

On Wednesday 22nd February, our Atlanta office hosted a networking mixer event in collaboration with BYP, the Black Young Professionals Network. The Atlanta chapter of BYP is still relatively new, and we were excited to introduce young Black professionals in the Atlanta area to specialty insurance, and to highlight how careers in insurance develop, but also to talk about the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and honouring Black History Month in the US.

Bolanle Akinrimisi, Claims Focus Group Leader is Head of our Atlanta Office and also co-chairs our Beazley RACE network. “BeazleyRACE wanted to support this event to in order to get young and seasoned minority professionals together to discuss the importance of DEI in the workplace. It allowed for the young professionals to know that they are not alone when thinking about DEI and there are people to lean on to have those discussions even if they are not working within the same organization. I believe it was essential for the Beazley - Atlanta Office to hold this session as this city is known to be the bedrock of minority excellence and having these discussions at this office shows that Beazley not only recognizes that excellence but also wants to foster the growth of that excellence within its overall organization.”

Joseph Washington, Underwriting Manager said “It is important young minority professionals hear from other people of color in their industry, and I am proud Beazley supports these opportunities to reinforce diversity in our company”

Craig Washington, Claims Manager said “We have a large contingency of black and brown people who are genuinely interested in a career with insurance. Beazley’s’ approach towards DEI is what will set us apart from our competitors and will attract new talent, whilst also bringing in diversity of thought. This event will open other opportunities for Beazley to put our inclusive culture on display moving forward.”