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Forward thinking: keeping pace with the risks

As recent attacks have demonstrated, sufficiently motivated cybercriminals will eventually compromise a network perimeter or gain access to their target’s network environment. Accordingly, organisations must continually improve their ability to respond if a cyber hacker gets past their initial defences.

There is an asymmetric advantage that can tip organisations off if they look for the signs. Upon gaining initial access, hackers must gather information to better understand where to focus their efforts, and this reconnaissance can generate unusual network traffic or log data.

Regardless of cyber threat group or tactic, organisations can leverage this “home turf” advantage to effectively respond to potential breaches by temporarily disabling access to compromised accounts, endpoints, or servers, and physically quarantining compromised devices.

Data presented in this cyber services snapshot is derived from global incidents reported to Beazley between Q1 2021 and Q3 2023. 

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