What cover do we offer?


We see how the interconnected nature of digital health exposes businesses to a range of unique, interconnected risks not just around diagnosis, treatment and care, but also linked to technology, data privacy and compliance.

That’s why we created a flexible risk protection package that combines medical malpractice, products liability, cyber liability, and technology errors & omissions with bodily injury cover, that is easy to work with. Just one policy to endorse and renew - beautifully designed to provide integrated, tailored cover for growing digital health businesses.

What are the risks?

How does Virtual Care insurance protect digital health businesses?

Our modular approach allows us to offer bespoke risk protection with cover that can evolve as businesses grow and specific needs change.

How can cover change as needs evolve?


Needs will require both an initial assessment and ongoing monitoring.

For example, for medical clients, medical malpractice or bodily injury might be top of mind. But technology developers may typically place more emphasis on technology errors & omissions and cyber risk.

Alternatively, a larger more established firm or large telemedicine business might want the full package of cover but choose to have a separate cyber policy to provide higher cover limits, depending on the nature and sophistication of the firm’s offering.