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    Chris Parker

    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    The security that schools and colleges provide for students while on campus has advanced considerably in recent years. But foreign trips and opportunities to study abroad often pose greater risks of harm, and can represent a weak link in the security afforded to students. As the most comprehensive personnel recovery program on the market, Beazley Flight is designed to help schools and colleges address these risks. We focus exclusively on taking students out of harm's way, regardless of the crisis.

    In the academic year 2011/12, almost 300,000 U.S. students studied abroad, according to the Institute of International Education. The figure was up 3.4% over the previous year but, more importantly, it has shown steady growth for a long period. U.S. student participation in study abroad has more than tripled over the past decade.

    Historically, the vast majority of students electing to study abroad have gone to Europe - and the UK, Italy, Spain and France remain the top destinations. But other countries are growing in popularity. China was the fifth most popular destination in 2011/12 and 15 of the top 25 destinations are now outside Europe.

    US study abroad trends showing increase

    Wherever they travel, the safety of students while studying abroad represents a huge responsibility for the U.S. educational institutions that organize these programs. Beazley Flight can help them shoulder this responsibility with confidence.

    In many countries, natural hazards may present a greater risk than political instability. Where a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or freak weather event is the catalyst, the initial focus of our response will always be on stabilization: seeking safety, shelter and, critically, protecting life. The subsequent evacuation requirement will be judged on the ability of the location to reinstate essential services.

    Liaison with clients

    Many schools and colleges will have detailed plans for campus security but it is hard to plan for non campus locations especially overseas. The services provided under Beazley Flight are designed to dovetail with the existing security/emergency provisions and extend them to wherever your staff or students are. Our experienced service providers will monitor the risks to the covered students and work closely with clients both in planning for emergencies and in managing fluid situations that require rapid and "unscripted" responses.

    A reassuring presence

    Students who find themselves at the center of an unfolding crisis will be, likely, confused and, almost certainly, afraid. The firms we work with are sensitive to this. They are able to provide clear, calm guidance - and reassurance that the right steps are being taken.

    Schools and colleges team


    Chris Parker

    Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapon Protection

    Chris Parker

    London, UK

    + 44 207 674 7412

    Lucy Straker

    Underwriter - Terrorism

    Lucy Straker

    London, UK

    +44 (0) 207 674 7277

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