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    Beazley names Praesidium as prevention service provider for Safeguard policyholders

    Specialist insurer Beazley has named service provider Praesidium as its provider of enhanced risk management, prevention, and response services for Beazley Safeguard policyholders.

    The Beazley Safeguard policy combines risk management and crisis response for primary insureds with effective insurance coverage to reduce the risk of sexual abuse occurring within organizations and to respond quickly and appropriately if an incident of third-party sexual abuse does occur.

    Through this partnership with Praesidium, Beazley Safeguard policyholders can access a wider range of services including:

    • Model policies
    • Discounted background screening
    • Employee screening and selection toolkits
    • Enhanced online training and webinars
    • Telephone advice service
    • Surveys, reviews, and assessments
    • Praesidium’s own accreditation program

    These services are accessible through the Beazley Safeguard risk management website, which is available to clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Praesidium has been providing prevention services and best practice guidance for creating safer environments for nearly 30 years. Using current research and root cause analysis of thousands of cases of abuse, Praesidium has constructed The Praesidium Safety Equation®, which identifies eight organizational operations that can decrease the risk of abuse. Praesidium’s standards are widely used across the United States in organizations such as schools and universities, churches, youth development and social service programs, foster care, resort properties, health clubs, and programs serving vulnerable adults.

    Christina Herald, Executive Risk underwriter and Safeguard US product lead at Beazley, said: “Our new partnership with Praesidium supports our commitment to helping clients protect the populations they serve. Human behavior is complex and unpredictable and the negative effects can wreak havoc on organizations and reputations. Praesidium’s deep experience in working with thousands of organizations and conducting research into who is most at risk, and where and under what circumstances incidents are most likely to occur, will provide great insight and support to our policyholders and in turn help create safer environments.”

    Paul Nash, Employment Practices Liability & Safeguard Focus Group Leader, said: “Total immunity from risk is impossible, but effective risk management can reduce it substantially. Through our collaboration with Praesidium, Beazley Safeguard policyholders can reinforce their commitment to the highest standards of safety and supervision.”

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