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    Healthcare organizations in Management liability

    Healthcare regulatory liability

    Beazley's Healthcare Regulatory product is designed to respond to actions brought by or on behalf of government entities for billing errors and omissions. Our policy also covers claims brought by commercial payors and defense expenses for formal voluntary disclosures to the government. Coverage includes attorney fees, external auditor and medical expert costs associated with defending these claims as well as fines and penalties and damages attributed at the time of settlement. Our reimbursement policy is available in all 50 states.

    Beazley does not require that insureds use panel firms but we do have experienced vetted counsel that can be recommended. Loss control services are also available to Beazley insureds with Beazley picking up a portion of the cost. Webinars are available bimonthly free of charge on the latest regulatory topics to our partner brokers and clients.

    Claims Triggers

    Defense reimbursement and external forensic audit expenses, civil fines and penalties (where applicable) for various billing errors and omissions, as well as other regulatory violations including:

    • Medicare and Medicaid billing investigations
    • False Claims Act allegations
    • Commercial payor actions
    • Anti-kickback statute violations
    • Stark Law violations
    • Qui Tam actions
    • Government or private contractor audits
    • Search warrants/subpoenas
    • Voluntary disclosure to a government entity


    Not for profit hospitals and health systems. Not for profit medical clinics and long term care facilities. For profit physician groups. All risks with over $35,000,000 of revenue annually.


      • Up to $20,000,000 in limits
      • Minimum retention of $250,000
      • Minimum of 10% coinsurance
      • Optional retroactive buy back coverage for up to 3 years

    Key territories


    Not covered

        Business disputes, restitution, disgorgement, criminal actions, costs associated with implementing a corporate integrity agreement, moral hazards knows losses or circumstances, internal costs for auditors and coders.


        Online regulatory resource webpage available with the latest news links and materials. [link to add]

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    Healthcare regulatory liability forms

    Application forms

    Beazley Remedy - Form
    Beazley Remedy - Healthcare Management Liability Renewal Application
    Beazley Remedy - Healthcare Management Liability Application
    BeazleyOne Healthcare ML Package Form

    Product fact sheets

    Beazley Remedy Appetite and Fact Sheet