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Incident Response Services

Our Cyber Services team will work with you to provide guidance, answer questions, and arrange incident investigation and response services from our network of experts best suited to help manage your incident.

Legal Advice

When you notify us of an actual or suspected breach, our Cyber Services team will assist and make recommendations from lexperts who will provide legal advice on your obligations under breach notification or other relevant laws or contracts and in connection with any other legal aspects of the response.

Data Incident Investigation

If external assistance is needed to assess the impact of a data incident, the Cyber Services team will coordinate forensic services to help to determine the existence, cause and scope of the incident, and if notification is required to comply with breach notification laws.

Your appointed forensic services expert will require access to your information, files and systems, and it is important that you cooperate with the investigation. All reports or findings will be made available to you, and any attorney/legal adviser working with you on the incident.

Notification and call center service

If you are required to notify affected individuals due to a breach, the Cyber Services team will help to arrange notification and call center services. We will go through details like how to work with privacy counsel to develop notification letters and the process for providing these letters, as well as any other required deliverables,in a timely manner. Call center services will be available for up to 90 days post the breach and during standard business hours.


Credit and Identity Monitoring

Your policy includes three different types of credit and identity monitoring services. and we will advise you on which products or solutions are most appropriate for your type of incident, your clients, and your region.

Notified Individuals have up to 90 days from your mailing of the notification to enroll in the offered product or solution. And once enrolled they have access to the service for 12 months post their date of enrolment.