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The recent growth in subsea activity in the world's oceans and waterways falls broadly into four categories: 

  • Surveys of the water column, seafloor and strata below the seabed by use of towed or static equipment. 
  • Construction, operation and maintenance of subsea installations using equipment that can be manned or unmanned, autonomous or remotely operated. 
  • Recreational or scientific activity using manned vehicles or data recording devices. 
  • Generation of renewable energy by way of tide or wave machines. 

The range of equipment and vessels now at work in the subsea environment is considerable and Beazley Leviathan currently underwrites equipment and hulls involved in all of the above activities, both for the subsea and surface elements, whilst: 

  • Being deployed and recovered 
  • Operating 
  • On board vessels or rigs 
  • In transit to and from operations, by road, rail, air or sea 
  • At home base 
  • During maintenance 
  • In storage. 

Thus providing seamless and comprehensive insurance cover. 

How can we help

Beazley Leviathan has pioneered the emergence of the subsea equipment insurance market. As the subsea industry has itself grown, we continue to offer bespoke and responsive cover that reflects the unique and evolving needs of the sector. Including:  

• Following many years of a close working partnership, Leviathan became part of the Beazley Group in 2016 bringing with it additional security and access to greater resources 
• In-house claims management with dedicated expertise  
• Easier access to underwriters through a larger team which is available both “at the box” and in the office  
• International network of Beazley offices  
• Complementary lines of cover underwritten by Beazley 

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The Beazley Difference


Freedom lies in being bold. We dare to be different and seek bold possibilities to create more innovative, fair and satisfying outcomes for our clients, brokers and employees. From insuring the highest building in the world, to the first commercial lunar vehicle to operate on the moon - we boldly go where others won’t.


Good is a start, but we go all-out for better.  A driven community of individuals relentlessly push the needle and creating value. From launching the market’s first dedicated ESG syndicate to the establishment of our business unit focusing on designing digital insurance solutions, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond.  Simply put, at  Beazley we go to 11.  


Acting with integrity in a straightforward, decent way is instinctive. Open and honest with others, we show respect and empathy however challenging the situation – demonstrated by our multi-award winning claims team.  Doing the right thing makes for a fair-minded, rewarding environment and makes work and life better for all.

Examples or Scenarios

A remotely operated vehicle (ROV) umbilical is parted by the mother vessel and the ROV is stranded on the seabed. The claim is reported to Beazley's claims team, which immediately appoints a loss adjuster to liaise with the client and conduct a survey of the weather conditions to understand the logistics and cost of a recovery. On this basis, we assess whether another vessel is required to assist with the recovery and the overall cost of the operation which we balance with the desired outcome of the client.

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Keith Broughton

Keith Broughton

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Harry Henley

Harry Henley

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Steve Hill
Claims Managers

Steve Hill

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