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The Beazley Cyber Action Plan is intended as general risk management information. It is provided with the understanding that Beazley does not render legal services or advice. Use of this Plan and making any recommendations from the Plan does not constitute purchasing an insurance policy from Beazley nor does it entitle the user to purchase an insurance policy from Beazley. Although reasonable care has been taken in preparing the information set forth in this document, Beazley accepts no responsibility for any errors it may contain or for any losses allegedly attributable to this information.

Your personalised Cyber Action Plan

Answer 10 questions for cyber security assessment and recommendations.

During our assessment we’ll ask about your:

Endpoint Protection (EPP)

How many of your organization's computers and servers are equipped with an EPP solution

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Which connections, services, and tools within your organisation require MFA

Electronic Mail Security

What email security capabilities does your organization employ

Network Vulnerabilities

How frequently does your organisation scan and monitor open ports and servers