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Business Continuity Planning Seminar

Improve your resiliency

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A successful ransomware attack can partially disrupt your organization's operations--or even halt them entirely. Before you experience a disruption whether through a cyber event or natural catastrophe, it's essential to understand what your critical operations are, how long you need to recover, and how you can carry on operations until you do.

RSM, an advisory firm who partners with Beazley to provide forensic services and business continuity training, will deliver a business continuity planning (BCP) workshop that guides a policyholder through a structured review of RSM’s five-phase methodology and an overview of template plans provided by RSM in collaboration with Beazley. Custom templates will be provided.

Recommended attendees: Individuals responsible for operational contingencies, such as IT support, business operations, crisis management, or other roles responding to disasters. 

Available to policies with a premium of $50k+

2-hr virtual