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Incident response workshop with tabletop

Improve your resiliency

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Expert incident response counsel will facilitate an interactive discussion with key stakeholders in your incident response team which includes: 

• The landscape of data security risks 

• The anatomy of data breaches, ransomware, and cyber extortion (how they happen; what they look like in practice; what the first- and third-party exposures are) 

• Best practices for incident response 

• Dealing with regulatory inquiries 

• Case studies of peer organizations that got it ""right"" and "wrong" 

Our IR workshop also includes a tabletop exercise in which we craft a hypothetical data incident specific to your organization as a means of testing your IR process. 

Recommended attendees: Enterprise-wide incident response team (CISO, IT, legal, risk, communications, HR, finance) 

Available to policies with a premium of $100k+

4-hr onsite