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To enhance livelihoods we need to build better communities and support charitable work that makes a difference. And to better measure the impact of our charity and community engagement, we use the robust and global Business for Societal Impact (B4Si) Corporate Citizenship reporting framework.

2022 progress

Number of hours volunteered


(735 in 2021)

Charitable donations made

$ 0

($379,733 in 2021)


Our charity initiatives are focused on supporting our charitable partner, raising money through match funding or grant nominations and responses to disaster relief efforts. Our charity committee is responsible for the delivery of initiatives that support our charity partner.









Our community initiatives, often delivered in partnership with charitable organisations, are focused on the communities around our employees’ homes and offices. Beazley does its part by offering up to 2.5 days of charity leave during the year, and the promotion of an annual Make a Difference month, which focus on encouraging employees as individuals and teams to support charity and community initiatives. Beazley’s Community Committee is made up or representatives from each of our offices to ensure that these initiatives are dispersed right across the company.

The Beazley community

At the heart of our business are our people and culture. It is one our five strategy pillars and is focused on attracting and nurturing talented colleagues who champion diversity of thought. We approach this through the provision of a progressive and enhanced benefits package, as well as a wide range of initiatives and opportunities for colleagues to enhance their health, wellbeing, and education. You can visit our Culture & Values are Work with us pages to find out more about what it's like being part of our team.

Employees and wellbeing

Engagement from our colleagues is hugely important to us as a business, and we utilise a wide range of communications, from weekly written updates, podcasts and video calls with individuals from the Executive Committee, to interactive sessions with senior leadership.

To capture and measure staff feedback, we undertake regular pulse surveys and an annual employee survey, which is 2022 survey,  had a completion rate of 79% and an engagement score of 85% - above the global benchmark. The survey has enabled us to identify colleagues’ opinions of strengths, as well as areas for improvements.

The wellbeing of our staff is incredibly important to us. We have a global team of over 30 trained wellbeing companions supporting their teams and colleagues. Our employees have access to a range of benefits to help them manager their wellbeing, and managers are trained on ‘managing for mental health’ 

Our benefits

Beazley updated its benefits strategy in 2022 to be more flexible and inclusive. As a result, our benefits now include;

  • Six months fully paid parental leave regardless of how our employees come to parenthood
  • Flexible religious holidays where colleagues can swap existing national holidays for times that make more sense to them
  • The cost of lunch when at the office
  • Reimbursement of travel for commuting to the office.
  • A monthly lifestyle reimbursement to spend on items which support mental, physical or financial wellbeing.

Education and learning

The learning development of our employees is also really important to us. We deliver this through the utilisation of learning platforms, availability of formal training and leadership courses such as MBAs, as well internal mentoring to help our colleagues grow and develop.

Accelerated training program

Our accelerated training program is an extensive and fast-paced training programme for those seeking a career in underwriting. The one year programme is carefully tailored for talented individuals, aiming to educate them on business practises and products, direct hands-on experience, and further development opportunities through mentoring and feedback. Individuals who successfully complete the process are placed into an Underwriting position at Beazley.