What we offer

Beazley Breach Response (BBR) is a privacy breach response management and information security insurance solution.  The policy form is streamlined and comprehensive to cover organizations seamlessly in the event of a cyber incident. 

Coverage includes: 

Breach response  

  • Legal services  
  • Computer forensic services 
  • Notification services   
  • Call center services
  • Credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions  
  • Public relations and crisis management expenses  
  • All of the policy’s multiple limits will be available for breach response.  


  • Business interruption loss from security breach or system failure  
  • Dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure  
  • Cyber extortion loss  
  • Data recovery loss  
  • Data and network liability.  


  • Third-party information security and privacy coverage  
  • Full media liability  
  • Regulatory defense and penalties  
  • Payment card liability and costs.  


  • Fraudulent instruction  
  • Funds transfer  
  • Telephone fraud.  

Limits up to $15m/€15m/£10m. 

e-trading available for accounts with revenues < $100m.  

How can we help

We recognize that preparing for and preventing cyber incidents have become inseparable from insuring a cyber loss and are here to help by providing the support services and proactive guidance clients rely on to meet and improve their controls and cyber security requirements.  

Beazley offers a full suite of pre-breach breach and risk management services through our in-house Cyber Services team and Lodestone Security LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Beazley plc that was created to provide cybersecurity consulting services tailored to enhance our clients’ cyber defenses. 

Beazley’s Cyber Service team provides a full range of resources to help mitigate risks before an incident occurs. On our Beazley owned and managed risk management portal, beazleybreachsolutions.com, cyber policyholders will find resources for incident response planning, employee training, compliance, and security best practices. Our Cyber Services team also coordinates a variety of pre-breach services such as onboarding calls, incident response plan reviews and workshops so our policyholders can improve the robustness of their cybersecurity. 

Find out about our full range of cyber services and how to access your services providers.

Who we can help

  • Consumer services 
  • Educational products & services 
  • Construction, contractors and related services 
  • Financial services 
  • Banking services 
  • Asset management 
  • Hospitals 
  • Health services 
  • Entertainment services 
  • Hospitality; eating & drinking places 
  • Retail 

Where Is This Offered?

United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil and Australia 

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Examples or Scenarios

A school district was hit with ransomware and two of its servers were completely encrypted.  Critical documents were rendered inaccessible.  BBR Services coordinated an engagement with forensics and legal counsel.  Forensics was able to quickly identify the type of ransomware and determine its known capabilities.  They were also able to find the decryption key for this particular strain of malware and use it to successfully restore all of the district's files. 

A manufacturer employee's active directory account was compromised. The hacker used the employee's mailbox to send emails requesting a money transfer to some outside account. BBR Services arranged for the manufacturer to work with panel counsel and forensic firm. The forensic firm determined that no personally identifiable information had been compromised and the law firm determined the manufacturer had no obligation to notify. 

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