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Celebrating US Black History Month at Beazley

February 08, 2021

To mark US Black History Month, Beazley’s race, culture and ethnicity inclusion network RACE@Beazley has organised a series of events throughout February aimed at connecting colleagues around the globe and inviting them to join in remembrance, reflection and celebration.

This year’s virtual programme consists of discussions and workshops aimed at building awareness and education on issues associated with race and ethnicity as well as a cultural celebration. Last week Beazley held an online talk by author and founder of consultancy Plūs Ultré, Dr. Leroy Nunery, Jr, on the history of African Americans in the insurance industry.

This has been followed this week by a virtual panel discussion on practical measures to help firms become truly diverse and inclusive places to work, featuring external African American industry executives and leaders. Still to come is a film created by the network about black/ African-American trailblazers, and wrapping up with a virtual carnival celebrating black history through stories, poems, music and dance.

RACE@Beazley was formed in March 2020 as an employee network to help foster an inclusive environment for colleagues from races and ethnicities that are minorities within the workforce. The network also actively supports Beazley’s goal of enhancing the racial and ethnic diversity at all levels of the organisation. Jon Perry, an underwriter in the US Executive Risk team, joined Beazley last summer and soon became involved with the Race@Beazley network taking on the mantle of US Vice Chair.

Jon said: “RACE@Beazley’s mission is to foster a more inclusive environment at Beazley, where colleagues from all backgrounds can be themselves, feel welcome and be heard.  We are only at the beginning of our journey and we have a lot of work to do and some of this work will be uncomfortable, but I am confident that my colleagues are willing and able to do the work.”

Explaining the events that the network has organised for Beazley to mark Black History month, Jon commented: “Black History Month has always been important to me personally, but I’ve had the tendency over the years to separate this from my professional life. But the workplace is changing, and I think the month is an opportunity for all of us to remember, reflect, and rejoice. Remember the past so that we do not repeat it. Reflect on what we can do personally and professionally to make the founding principles of the US a reality for all of its people. And rejoice. In my opinion, joy and perseverance are so closely tied to the black experience.”

After US Black History Month, there will be a host of events throughout the year to celebrate different races, cultures and ethnicities through panels, articles, speakers and small group sessions.