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Our market leading cyber insurance offerings protect businesses against their cyber threats by building resilience and minimizing risk

The Environment

We see a world where technological development is moving forward at an unprecedented pace. Smart tech, the Internet of Things and cyber connectivity and other advancing fields are boosting the global economy, driving healthcare solutions, bridging the divide between advanced and developing countries and assisting in the race to save the planet from climate change.

The Risk

With this huge potential we also see increased risk. A lack of global cyber governance and standards, combined with unaddressed gaps in cyber security – particularly in the wake of the recent pandemic – are making it easier for cyber criminals to target and carry out attacks. The frequency of larger, more sophisticated attacks that target critical infrastructure is on the rise and state-sanctioned cyberattacks and political interference has been widely publicised.

The Need

It’s clear that investments in cyber security and digital education at national, local and company levels is critical if the threat of cyber crime is to be kept at bay, particularly as new and lesser known technologies begin to appear in mainstream society.