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    Sarah Lamberg

    Sarah Lamberg

    Underwriter - Private Enterprise

    The media industry is like no other and has distinct insurance requirements. We have drawn upon our wealth of experience in the sector to design broad coverage to match the needs of the wide range of businesses that make up the industry. From publishers, broadcasters, bloggers, vloggers, social influencers, authors, journalists and content creators, Beazley understands the risks associated with doing business in this industry and can help design an occurrence based insurance solution to match the exposure.

    Coverage highlights 

    • Occurrence coverage
    • Contractual liability cover explicitly defined and including unintentional breach of contract in carrying out fee based services for a client
    • Cover for freelancers and contractors explicitly defined
    • Mitigation costs (sub-limited)
    • Defamation, libel, slander, product disparagement
    • Invasion or interference with the right to privacy or of publicity
    • Misappropriation of any name or likeness
    • Plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas under implied contract
    • Infringement of copyright or trademark
    • Infliction of emotional distress or mental anguish caused by content

    Optional extensions

    • Technology E&O
    • Information security and privacy
    • Bodily injury or property damage arising out of content

    Target market

    Beazley specializes in covering small to mid-sized businesses of up to $35M in revenue that produce

    all types of content, however and wherever it is disseminated.

    A broad range of organizations in this sector can benefit from Beazley’s specialist cover, including: 

    • Publishing in any form: Books, magazines, newspapers, digital/web
    • Broadcasting in any form, including social media channels
    • Content creators including advertising producers
    • Producers of promotional, educational and corporate content
    • Blogging, vlogging, podcasting and social influencing
    • Content produced by any organization including charities and non-profit organizations
    • Authors & journalists
    • Content produced by individuals, even if high profile
    • Advertising agencies (when occurrence form required)

    Basis of coverage available

    • Up to $5,000,000 limit available
    • Worldwide territorial coverage

    Media Liability team

    Territory Managers

    Gil Cujcuj

    Territory Manager - PE

    Gil Cujcuj

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    +1 213 228 7741

    Joe Gates

    Territory Manager - Private Enterprise

    Joe Gates

    Atlanta, GA, USA

    +1 770-351-1670

    AJ Jones

    Territory Manager

    AJ Jones

    Denver, CO, USA

    +1 213 228 7729

    Nick Keyser

    Territory Manager

    Nick Keyser

    Chicago, IL, USA

    +1 312 476 6272


    Nick Gonzalez

    Underwriter - Private Enterprise

    Nick Gonzalez

    Los Angeles, CA, USA

    +1 213 228 7720

    Angela Weaver

    Focus Group Leader - Media

    Angela Weaver

    London, UK

    Focus group leaders

    Christyn Yoast

    US Distribution Team Leader - Digital & Private Enterprise Segments

    Christyn Yoast

    New York, NY, USA

    +1 212 801 7194

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    Media Liability policy

    The descriptions contained on this website are for preliminary informational purposes only. In the US, the product may be available on an admitted basis in some but not all jurisdictions through Beazley Insurance Company, Inc. In other US jurisdictions, the product is underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and is available only on a surplus lines basis through licensed surplus lines brokers. The publication and delivery of the information contained herein is not intended as a solicitation for the purchase of insurance on any US risk.

    Except where products are issued by Beazley Insurance Company, Inc., coverages are underwritten by Beazley syndicates at Lloyd's and will vary depending on individual country law requirements and may be unavailable in some countries.  The exact coverage afforded by the products described herein is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of each policy issued.

    Some coverages are made available through Beazley USA Services, Inc., which is a service company that is a part of the Beazley Group and has authority to enter into contracts of insurance on behalf of the Lloyd's underwriting members of Lloyd's syndicates 623 and 2623 which are managed by Beazley Furlonge Limited.  Beazley USA Services, Inc. is licensed and regulated by insurance regulatory authorities in the respective states of the US and transacts business in the State of California as Beazley Insurance Services (License#: 0G55497).

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