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    Jewellery, Fine art & Specie

    April Yang

    April Yang

    Underwriter - Jewellery, Fine Art & Specie

    Insurance of fine arts, jewellery or valuable property while in storage and in transit anywhere in the world against physical loss or damage.

    All assets known as specie share the fact that they are valuable. At Beazley we believe this is where the similarity ends.

    Those in the jewellery trade have different concerns to organisations that regularly transport cash. The protection needed by those with a fine art collection is not the same as required for storing financial instruments.

    As experts in their respective fields, our underwriters bring many years of experience to designing insurance cover to meet the needs and circumstances of each client and the assets that they need protecting.

    Central to our approach is forming longstanding relationships with brokers and their clients around the world. By working together we are not only able to create the right insurance cover but can also advise on practical security measures to keep people and assets safe.

    And should the worst happen, our specialist claims team has a reassuring track record of exceptional service and endorsing the broker's good judgement in having recommended Beazley to their clients.

    Underwriting Appetite

    Beazley has the ability to write the following risks:

    Fine Art:

    • Travelling exhibitions
    • Private collectors
    • Corporate Collectors
    • Commercial art galleries / dealers
    • Museums
    • Auction houses
    • Shipper, packer & storage facility provider

    Jeweller’s Block & Jewellery

    • Manufacturing, wholesale or retail jewellers
    • Pawnbrokers
    • Private jewellery collections

    General Specie Accounts:

    • Financial institutions/Investment banks
    • Financial traders, dealers and brokers
    • Coin dealers
    • Vault risks.

    Cash In Transit

    • Armoured car companies
    • Valuable property/Cash in transit

    Other Areas of Expertise

    • Packaged policy for high net worth clients


    Up to USD 100,000,000 maximum line

    Underwriting Considerations

    Jewellery, Fine Arts & Specie is a moral hazard-exposed class so a key underwriting consideration is the integrity, management and risk management of the insured. We also focus on the crime rate within the environment that the assured is working in.


    All risks of physical loss and/or damage to the property insured whilst in storage and in transit, not limited to the following features:

    • Natural perils and catastrophe
    • Ability to extend coverage to cover on a worldwide basis;
    • Ability to extend coverage for fidelity perils
    • Ancillary terrorism cover against physical loss or damage to Jewellery, Fine Arts & Specie hereof.

    We believe that we offer some of the broadest levels of cover available, with high flexibility to tailor policies to cater for our individual clients’ insurance needs.

    Jewellery, Fine art & Specie team

    April Yang

    Underwriter - Jewellery, Fine Art & Specie

    April Yang

    Asia Pacific



    Jonathan Brett

    Claims Manager - Focus Group Leader

    Jonathan Brett

    London, UK

    +44 207 667 0623

    Louise Beckett

    Claims Manager

    Louise Beckett

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7539


    Amanda Janes

    Head of First Party Wordings

    Amanda Janes

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 7016

    Keith Bookless

    Wordings Analyst

    Keith Bookless

    London, UK

    +44 207 674 8024


    Alex Tiah

    Underwriter – Jewellery, Fine Art & Specie

    Alex Tiah



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