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    COVID-19 has acted as a disruptor to the health and wellbeing landscape, forcing exponential uptake of digital health and wellness practices and technologies such as online doctor’s consultations and wearable health monitoring devices.

    Telemedicine offers significant benefits for healthcare providers and patients alike, providing on-demand access to high quality and often specialist medical expertise that may be difficult or impossible to access locally. Platforms, apps and wearable devices facilitate regular monitoring of specific conditions, as well as general wellness and lifestyle.

    However the advance of these approaches also comes with risks. These include those that derive from shortcomings in the data and health advice provided, as well as error or malfunction in the technologies themselves, alongside data privacy and security concerns. Beazley Virtual Care offers a fresh perspective: You see healthcare and technology, we see interconnected risk.

    Established leader

    As an established leader and innovator in the insurance markets for healthcare, technology and cyber, we have been able to draw on the experience of underwriting Virtual Care in the US, UK and Canada, and handling subsequent claims since 2017 to create Virtual Care for the Singapore and Hong Kong markets.

    We have designed this product with the option to include a variety of industry leading coverages for emerging data security and privacy exposures.

    Those active in the sector would normally need at least two insurance policies, and often more, to cover their varied exposures. Beazley Virtual Care avoids the potential gaps in coverage that can arise with such a piecemeal approach. The coverage can be tailored to meet the needs of all participants in the value chain.

    Cover highlights

    Pillars of cover. Reflecting the particular needs of those operating in this space, Beazley Virtual Care has four core pillars of cover:

    • Medical malpractice and professional indemnity
    • Tech & media liability
    • Public and products liability
    • Cyber.

    Plus a number of optional extensions including:

    • Mitigation costs, abuse and harassment liability, medical regulatory costs
    • Claims due to loss of documents, reputational damage costs.

    Who we can insure

    A wide range of healthcare, lifestyle & wellness and technology organisations, both large and small, can benefit from Beazley Virtual Care, including:

    Telehealth – provision of healthcare, pharmacy services and remote monitoring by health care professionals using information communication technology

    mHealth – use of mobile technology (including apps) and wearable devices by a patient to assist with condition management, self-care and symptom checking

    Lifestyle & wellness – use of mobile technology (including apps) and wearable devices by an individual to assist users with lifestyle choices and management of their wellbeing

    Platforms, analytics & software – IT tools, analytics, software, platforms and portals for use by medical professionals, lifestyle coaches and others involved in health management. The product provides cover for insureds domiciled in the UK.

    At the heart of the cover is the medical malpractice pillar that is included for all customers. Other pillars can then be added to create a package that meets specific needs. If customers have existing cover for a pillar with another insurer, cover with Beazley can start when it runs out and a single renewal date for all pillars can be arranged.

    Four pillars of cover

    Medical malpractice and professional indemnity
    • Medical malpractice coverage is at the heart Of Beazley Virtual Care and is included as standard for all customers
    • Our medical malpractice coverage includes cover for:
      • bodily injury to any patient caused by a negligent act, error or omission or Good Samaritan act
      • bodily injury or property damage to any patient caused by an accident
      • bodily injury to a patient caused by a cyber-incident
    • Full professional indemnity coverage can also be provided for any actual or alleged act, error or omissions or unintentional breach of contract in the performance of professional services
    • Optional extras include mitigation costs cover (costs incurred by you in taking action to mitigate the financial consequences of a medical malpractice claim), cover for any financial loss caused by an act of harassment and cover for the costs of responding to an investigation by a medical regulatory authority. 
    Tech and media liability

    Tech and media cover for any tech products such as computer or telecommunications hardware or software products or related electronic products.

    The tech and media coverage includes cover for: 

    • Negligent acts, errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statement, misrepresentation, unintentional breach of contract and bodily injury in respect of the performance of tech services
    • Any software copyright infringement with respect to any tech products
    • Negligent acts, errors, omissions, misstatements, misleading statement, misrepresentation and any unintentional breach of contract if any tech product should fail to perform the function as intended
    • Media liability coverage includes cover for defamation, libel, slander, product disparagement, trade libel, infringement of copyright and infringement of domain name, trademark, trade name, trade dress, logo, title, metatag or slogan, service mark or service name.
    Public and products liability
    • Beazley Virtual Care provides full public liability coverage for any accidents which cause bodily injury and property damage
    • Full products liability coverage for property damage and bodily injury caused by your products, including tech products, wearable devices and self-monitoring healthcare devices.

    Information security and privacy (InfoSec) provides coverage to protect against a broad range of cyber threats including:

    • Business interruption and contingent business interruption from security breach or system failure
    • Cyber extortion IOS data recovery loss, data and network liability.

    And in the event of an incident, the policy will cover breach response costs for:

    • Legal and computer forensic services
    • Notifications and call centre services 
    • Credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions
    • Public relations and crisis management expenses.

    Virtual Care team


    Jessica Schappell

    Claims Manager

    Jessica Schappell



    Nicholas Tey

    Regional Manager, Asia - International Financial Lines

    Nicholas Tey


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