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    This Critical Incident Response Training will provide you with guidance on what to do in the event of life-threatening violence in your workplace.

    Key Training Takeaways

    • You are your own first responder.
    • Understand you are vulnerable. Start by training your brain to process the fact that bad things happen, and sometimes they happen to you.
    • Remember, there will be a physiological response that is not initially helpful when it comes to sensing danger.
    • Pay attention to your environment. Learn where the exits and safe rooms are.
    • Figure out how to get out and where you can hide or protect yourself.
    • Participate in emergency response training--in particular, Lockdown drills where you practice response protocols- Evacuate. Protect. Engage.
    • Practice, practice, practice. Put yourself in a situation within your head, saying, "If I hear gunshots, what am I going to do?" Work through how you would respond to the incident.
    • Commit to action early and be decisive.

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