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    Rhea Turchinetz

    Rhea Turchinetz

    Head of Vancouver Office

    Building on two decades of experience, Beazley’s MediaTech policy provides broad coverage that meets the evolving insurance needs of technology and business services companies.

    The Beazley difference lies in our specialized underwriting team, expert claims management and superior legal services.


    Our MediaTech coverages, included within a single integrated policy, comprise:

    Professional and technology based services coverage
    Our policy not only provides coverage for technology services but also covers non-technology related services. This broad coverage eliminates the need to carry two separate policies resulting in cost savings.

    Technology product coverage

    Our policy provides coverage for failure of goods, products, or services to conform with any represented quality or performance.

    Computer network security coverage

    Our policy covers unauthorized access to computer systems that results in the destruction, deletion or corruption of electronic data, theft of data or denial of service attacks against Internet sites or computers, or transmission of malicious code. Multimedia and advertising coverage

    Our policy provides broad coverage for intellectual property risks such as:

    • defamation, libel, slander, product disparagement, trade libel, prima facie tort, infliction of emotional distress, outrage, outrageous conduct, or other tort related to disparagement or harm to the reputation or character of any person or organization;
    • invasion of or interference with the right to privacy or of publicity;
    • misappropriation of any name or likeness for commercial advantage;
    • false arrest, detention or imprisonment or malicious prosecution;
    • invasion of or interference with any right to private occupancy, including trespass, wrongful entry, wrongful eviction or eavesdropping;
    • plagiarism, piracy or misappropriation of ideas under implied contract;
    •  infringement of copyright;
    • infringement of trade dress, domain name, title or slogan, or the dilution or infringement of trademark or service mark;
    • negligence regarding the content of any media communication, including harm caused through any reliance or failure to rely upon such content; and
    • misappropriation of trade secrets. Additional key benefits include:
    •  Claims made or claims made and reported wording
    • Privacy Liability including Notification Costs and Regulatory Defense with Credit Monitoring Coverage available
    • First Party Computer Security Insurance Coverage for First Party Data Protection, First Party Network Busi-ness Interruption and Cyber Extortion available
    • Worldwide territory - Our policy applies to acts, errors or omissions committed anywhere in the world as well as claims made worldwide
    • Quebec Endorsement that applies to Quebec laws
    • Coverage for punitive damages where required by law
    • Named Insured includes partners, subsidiaries, directors, officers and employees
    • Coverage for independent contractors for whom the named insured is responsible
    • Optional extension period
    • Coverage for innocent insured for criminal, dishonest or fraudulent acts
    •  Automatic coverage for mergers & acquisitions where the revenues of the acquired entity do not exceed 10%

    Target markets

    Technology companies of all kinds


    • Up to $20,000,000
    • Limit of coverage available in Canadian and American currency
    • First dollar defence available
    • $1,000,000 additional defence limit of liability available

    MediaTech forms

    Application forms

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    MediaTech Insurance Application
    TekpacPlus Renewal Application
    TekpacPlus Insurance Application

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