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    Florentina Cornea

    Florentina Cornea

    Underwriter - Miscellaneous Medical & Life Sciences

    For more than 20 years we have been insuring companies in the Canadian life sciences sector, offering tailored coverage for companies that provide products, services or support to the life sciences industry.

    Organizations operating in the life sciences arena face a unique risk landscape and need insurance protection that has been designed by experts for their specific needs.

    The risks can come in many forms ranging from unsafe products and causing pollution to negligence in clinical trials. The liability on those responsible when things go wrong can be significant and the challenges are growing with an increasingly litigious world, new regulation and greater dependency on technologies. Beazley’s underwriters and claims team have a deep understanding of life sciences and have created a broad, flexible policy to meet the current and emerging needs
    of the sector.

    The Beazley BioSecure product offers life science organizations a flexible, innovative and client-focused approach to underwriting this class of risk. Click here to view our BioSecure brochure.

    Coverage highlights

    • Canadian or U.S. limits
    • Coverage for bodily injury and property damage
    • Full clinical trials coverage, including medical malpractice and Errors & Omissions
    • Separate sublimits for product tampering, radioactive contamination and bio-contamination coverages
    • Key man insurance
    • ERP option available


    Up to $25,000,000



    Also Available: Contract Research Organization (CRO) professional liability

    On occasion, companies may hire a CRO to conduct clinical trials on their behalf. CROs face not only a vicarious product liability exposure, but also malpractice (failure to follow the manufacturer’s directions, or protocol, causing injury) and/or errors and omissions exposures (improper filing of the results, resulting in rejection or delay in drug approval, causing financial loss). We understand the unique risks that these CROs face and have developed a specialized CRO professional liability policy that gives them the financial loss protection they need in addition to medical malpractice coverage.

    Life sciences équipe


    Valerie Chartrand

    Underwriter and Head of Office

    Valerie Chartrand

    Montreal, Canada

    Florentina Cornea

    Underwriter - Miscellaneous Medical & Life Sciences

    Florentina Cornea

    Toronto, Canada

    Formulaires - Life sciences

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    Proposition d'assurance responsabilité professionelle des organisations de recherches contractuelles (ORC)
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    Natural Health Products Insurance Application
    Contract Research Organization Errors and Omissions Insurance

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