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    Jack Bottomley

    Jack Bottomley

    Underwriter - Cyber & Technology

    Beazley's Information Security and Privacy Insurance provides a variety of industry-leading coverages for emerging data security and privacy exposures facing companies today.

    Beazley InfoSec includes unparalleled coverage and comprehensive solutions to protect your organization against a broad range of threats.

    Breach response costs

    • Legal services
    • Computer forensic services
    • Notification services
    • Call center services
    • Credit monitoring, identity monitoring or other personal fraud or loss prevention solutions 
    • Public relations and crisis management expenses.

    First party

    • Business interruption loss from security breach or system failure
    • Dependent business interruption loss from security breach or system failure
    • Cyber extortion loss
    • Data recovery loss
    • Data and network liability.

    Third party

    • Third party information security and privacy coverage
    • Full media liability
    • Regulatory defense and penalties
    • Payment card liability and costs.


    • Fraudulent instruction
    • Funds transfer
    • Telephone fraud.

    Criminal reward

    Information security & privacy équipe


    Laura Hodgins

    Claims Manager

    Laura Hodgins

    Toronto, Canada

    +1 416 777 6859

    Othmann Layati

    Claims Manager

    Othmann Layati

    Montreal, Canada

    +1 514 841 0335


    Rhea Turchinetz

    Head of Vancouver Office

    Rhea Turchinetz

    Vancouver, Canada

    +1 778 373 4432

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