The Actuarial team at Beazley has a range of responsibilities under two main areas, relating directly to the financial performance of the business.

  • Reserving: where we independently estimate and advise on the amount of money needed to pay valid claims on the policies we underwrite
  • Pricing: where we support Underwriters with pricing models, analyse and advise on their business and on our ceded reinsurance purchases

What we look for

You’ll need to be good with numbers, enjoy solving problems, and have a good understanding of how businesses and financial markets work. Our actuaries work with a lot of data, researching, analysing and interpreting it, so we look for people with strong analytical skills and attention to detail, who can design and implement complex models.

Actuarial explained

Actuaries are experts in risk management. They evaluate, manage and advise on financial risks. They use their knowledge of business and economics, together with their understanding of probability theory, statistics and investment theory, to provide strategic, commercial and financial advice to their company.

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