We don’t sell widgets, we sell a promise. When a loss happens it is our claims teams that ensure our client gets the right reimbursement.

Unlike many other insurers, our claims managers work alongside our underwriters. They have an in-depth knowledge of our products and this enables us to provide high quality and rapid service, both to our brokers and insureds.

For many clients, speed of settlement is paramount and for others (particularly those holding professional and management liability policies), providing an effective response to third party lawsuits is most important. We employ a variety of claims managers to be able to best respond to the classes of business they look after. The true challenge of the job isn’t measured by the amount of the claim, but by resolving the issue as swiftly and expertly as possible.

What we look for

To join our claims team, you’ll need to be good at problem solving and finding solutions. You have the ability to analyse financial statements and provide great attention to detail. We like our claims employees to be decisive, have the ability to influence and negotiate, and be good at communicating with internal and external stakeholders.

Claims explained

Claims teams are responsible for processing and investigating insurance claims relating to customers’ policies. This will involve working with the insurance broker, policy holder and other professionals to ensure the claim is valid. Claims employees are responsible for assessing the scope, causes, complexity and loss amount, as well as determining the legal obligation of an insurer to indemnify a claim. As every insurance claim is different, the day to day role of a claims manager will vary.

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