As a company, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to what we do, and this goes for our IT team too.

As the world changes we need to maintain our competitive advantage and IT can play a huge part in that. At Beazley our IT team manages major IT development initiatives, minor system enhancements and general system availability and maintenance.

We offer opportunities in:

  • Technical projects/Business analysis
  • Development
  • Infrastructure and Engineering
  • Application maintenance
  • Service Desk

What we look for

We’re looking for people to help increase our business efficiencies and respond to the changing needs of our brokers and clients. As there are many roles within our IT team, the specific skills can vary, but in general we look for people who:

  • Are creative and innovative, and can look at the big picture as well as the detail
  • Can manage resources effectively
  • Have technical expertise in their specific area
  • Have business awareness and can think corporately
  • Can prioritise workloads in line with business priorities

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