Underwriting and claims operations

Our operations cover many areas, one of which is Underwriting and Claims Operations (UCO). UCO is one of the most diverse teams within operations and plays a huge proactive and reactive role in the strategic plans of the business.

People in UCO have a huge variety of skills and aspirations.

Our operations teams are involved in almost every aspect of the business, giving them a unique vantage point across all functions. This means they are able to break down silos, spot cross-skill opportunities and drive efficiency and economies of scale.

The UCO team at Beazley is responsible for many different areas including; supporting our underwriters and claims managers, quality assurance and managing our coverholders.

What we look for

As there are many roles that make up UCO, each role requires a different set of specific skills. But in general you should:

  • Be accurate and numerate
  • Have good computer skills (in particular spreadsheet and presentation programmes)
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Be a team worker as well as able to work on your own initiative
  • Have the ability to manage your time, meet deadlines and prioritise

Operations explained

To stay ahead of the competition, companies must be flexible and agile, while retaining a sharper-than-ever focus on cost-containment and efficiency. They have to fight for market share in developed markets, while also building scale and capacity in rapid-growth markets. Operations is the enabler to support all of these.

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