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Defence in Depth Cyber Security

Welcome to our latest Cyber Services Snapshot, an initiative developed to provide regular data and actionable insights around timely cyber themes.

Combatting the increased exploitation of software vulnerabilities with a layered Defence in Depth cyber security strategy

We all know that it’s important to eat well and get enough sleep, but we still grab quick meals and burn the candle at both ends all too often. It’s only when we’re faced with a health crisis that we commit to taking care of ourselves.

Similarly, it’s no secret that, with most IT applications now hosted in the cloud, a layered cyber security defence strategy (Defence in Depth) is essential to keep today’s IT systems safe. Yet only in the face of recent cyber threats, may organisations be ready to act on best practices.

Over the past quarter, our Cyber Services Team saw an uptick in network attacks. In the US specifically, many of these were driven by cloud-based software vulnerabilities. With recent supply chain attacks on the rise worldwide, the access opportunities available to hackers are increasing.

Cybercriminals are getting quicker at identifying vulnerabilities and using them to gain entry into networks. This means that organisations must work even harder to stay on top of these exposures – and to ensure that even if someone gains entry into their systems, multiple layers of defence are in place to prevent the worst outcome.

This quarter’s Cyber Services Snapshot takes a deep dive into the current exposures that are driving the need for a Defence in Depth strategy and lays out concrete suggestions for implementing your own layered security solution and data minimisation practices.

Christian Taube
Head of Cyber Services—International

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