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Looking Ahead

Consider data minimisation best practices in light of GDPR guidelines and recent US data privacy legislation.

The concept of data minimisation is that you don’t have to protect what you don’t have. It is a common principle of European privacy which has been recently adopted in the US.

This principle focuses on data governance – in particular, around what data is collected. Rather than focusing only on how long to keep data, companies must consider whether they need it in the first place.

This is not a control you need to pay to put in place – it’s just a matter of disciplined process and can be reflected in organisations’ internal policies and project design principles.

A useful checklist for companies operating in the EU and/or holding data belonging to EU data subjects
  • Do we only collect personal data we actually need for our specified purposes
  • Do we have sufficient personal data to properly fulfil those purposes?
  • Do we periodically review the data we hold, and delete anything we don’t need?


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