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The Solution

Defence in Depth is an essential cybersecurity strategy for organisations of all sizes.

Assume that a cybercriminal can enter your network. What is in place to limit them and keep the risk contained?

Defence in Depth ensures that security is applied at all levels. This is an extension of the asset management discussion in a previous Snapshot.

Best practices for Defence in Depth that prevent cybercriminals from doing much damage:

  • Utilise endpoint detection and response (EDR)
  • Install security patches rapidly
  • Reduce the number and usage scope of domain admin accounts
  • Limit users’ permissions and access 
  • Harden security configurations of systems, applications and cloud resources
  • Segment your network using strict filtering rules 
  • Implement secure backup solutions that prevent users from altering or deleting backups 
  • Have a documented and properly tested disaster recovery plan


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