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In the event that external forensics assistance is needed to assess the impact of a data incident on your computer system, Computer Expert Services will be provided to (1) help to determine whether, and the extent to which, notification must be provided to comply with Breach Notice Laws, and (2) if applicable, give advice and oversight in connection with the investigation conducted by a PCI Forensic Investigator.

The computer security expert that provides Computer Expert Services will require access to information, files and systems and it is important for you to comply with the expert’s requests and cooperate with the investigation. Reports or findings of the expert will be made available to you, us, the BBR Services team and any attorney that you retain to provide advice with regard to the incident.

BBR Services will arrange Computer Expert Services for you and will connect you to these experts; please do not contact Beazley’s partnering forensics firms directly without the involvement of BBR Services.