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Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Assessment

Manage people risks

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Business email compromise (BEC) is one of the most common cyber incidents we see today, and it  most often results from insecurely configured Microsoft 365 environments. To help solve this problem, Asceris built proprietary software to support assessments focused on the risks observed in cyber response investigations. Their assessment uses their proprietary technology to evaluate environment configuration and user behavior on Microsoft 365 to help prevent business email compromise attacks.

The assessment is delivered in a high-quality report with a view of the system configuration, evaluating the below information.

  • Multi-factor authentication configuration
  • Legacy protocol configuration and activity
  • Audit logging configuration issues
  • Shared mailboxes allowing direct sign-ins
  • Connections from unusual countries
  • Anonymous / VPN activity
  • Suspicious mailbox rules
  • Unexpected consent grants
  • Failed login activity
  • Known abusive IP addresses

Along with the review, you'll receive key recommendations for improving the security of your configuration.

Available to policies with a premium of $30k+

Proprietary software assessment with written report and recommendations