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Employees are busy and can be distracted. In fact, the majority of cybersecurity breaches are caused by employee mistakes. And employees in sensitive roles, such as IT and finance, are especially valuable targets for phishing. 

The YubiKey from Yubico protects the human layer of your organization by eliminating “MFA fatigue.” Remove the guesswork and ensure your employees, and only your employees, can get in. As part of a Zero Trust framework, phishing-resistant MFA is immune to attackers intercepting or even tricking users into revealing credentials. 

The YubiKey is simple to use and deploy. No more reaching for the phone to open an app, or memorizing and typing in a code – the user can simply touch the YubiKey to verify and get in. Once an app or service is verified, it can stay trusted. It’s that easy.

Available to policies with a premium of $30k+

FIDO2-compliant MFA keys