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Lodestone's Ransomware Readiness Assessment is a focused assessment designed to help your organization detect, defend against, and recover from a ransomware attack. The Lodestone team has developed an assessment that includes a consultation to evaluate the critical controls that are essential in a ransomware scenario, and an external scan of your open systems. 

Our years of experience responding to ransomware events in organizations of various sizes have informed the development of this assessment. We have observed ineffective, non-existent, or poorly implemented controls and security measures and are committed to helping your organization be better prepared. 

The Ransomware Readiness Assessment comprises three phases: 

• Consultation: Lodestone will work with your IT and security team and review a list of controls and policies as well as provide advice on the implementation, strategy, and observations around them. 

• External Scan: During the external scan, a mix of active and passive scanning/information gathering will take place. This will focus on open ports and the discovery of externally facing assets that are present in the in-scope systems. 

• Recommendations and Roadmap 

Duration and Deliverables: Ransomware Readiness Assessment varies in duration but typically takes 4 weeks. A customer will receive a list of recommendations and a roadmap of those recommendations sorted by priority and divided into short, medium, and long term implementation windows. 

Available to policies with a premium of $100k+

Engagement with recommendations and roadmap