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One Year of Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Manage people risks

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Arsen's anti-phishing campain platform helps you gauge how well your staff responds to phishing efforts, educate them on common pitfalls and proactively mitigate security issues before they become a bad riskArsen's solution is designed to empower organizations by assessing employee behavior when facing social engineering threats and re-educating teams on how to navigate complex phishing tactics by improving everyday behaviors.

Arsen has created a practical assessment using four primary components: training employees on relevant situations, avoiding false negatives, creating an "always ready" culture and increasing training engagement, which increases an organization’s ability to achieve its goals while reducing the risk of data security incidents caused by human error.

Using Arsen's platform, you can run simulated phishing campaigns for the appropriate number of employees, as many times as you like during the year.

Available to policies with a premium of $50k+

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