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About the Risk & Resilience research

During January 2024, we commissioned research company Opinion Matters to survey the opinions of over 3,500 business leaders and insurance buyers of businesses based in the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, France, Germany and Spain with international operations.

Survey participants were asked about their views on insurers and insurance, as well as on four categories of risk:

  • Geopolitical – including strikes and civil disruption, changes in legislation and regulation, economic uncertainty, inflation and war & terror.
  • Cyber & Technology – including the threat of disruption, failure to keep pace with changing technology, cyber risk and IP risk.
  • Business – including supply chain instability, business interruption, boardroom risk, crime, reputational and employer risk and failure to comply with ESG regulations and reporting requirements
  • Environmental – including climate change and associated catastrophic risks, environmental damage, greenhouse gas emission, pandemic, food insecurity and energy transition risk.

Of the firms surveyed, there was an equal split of respondents across company sizes of: US$250,000 - US$999,999, US$1m - US$9.99m, US$10m - US$99.99m, US$100m- US$999.99m, US$1 billion plus.


With a minimum of 50 respondents per country per industry sector, respondents represented businesses operating in:

  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale and Food & Beverage
  • Commercial Property, Real Estate and Construction
  • Hospitality, Entertainment and Leisure (including Gaming)
  • Financial Institutions and Professional Services
  • Energy and Utilities (including Mining), Marine and Warehousing
  • Public Sector and Education
  • Tech, Media and Telecoms
  • Transportation, Logistics, Cargo and Aviation

This year’s survey was undertaken between 05.01.24 and 15.01.24. In 2021 the survey was undertaken with respondents based in the UK and US. In 2022 and 2023 the sample base also included respondents based in Canada and Singapore and, in 2024 the sample base was expanded to include respondents in France, Germany and Spain.



Roddy Barnett, Head of Political Risks & Trade Credit, Beazley

Matthew Dunne, Focus Group Leader, US Political Risk & Trade Credit, Beazley

Alex Hill, Claims Focus Group Leader, Political and Terrorism, Beazley

Mathilde Lecointre, Underwriter, Political Risks, Trade Credit & Terrorism, France, Beazley

Chris Parker, Head of Terrorism and Deadly Weapons Protection, Beazley

Lucy Straker, Focus Group Leader - Political Violence & Deadly Weapons Protection, Beazley

Jack Suk, Underwriter, Political Risks & Trade Credit, Asia Pacific, Beazley

Thea Fourie, Head of sub-Saharan Africa, Global Insights and Analysis, Economics & Country Risk, S&P Global Market Intelligence