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Deepfakes that attract the public interest do not make it the biggest risk overnight. Businesses must ensure they resist the pull from the latest concern and stay on course, focusing on genuine and palpable threats to their operations. How and where AI will change our world will continuously evolve. Where businesses are at risk in one sector, new industries may spring up in others. It is a generation defining innovation and the potential is almost impossible to comprehend.  While boardrooms adjust to the new horizon, companies of all sizes must continue to take the necessary steps immediately in front of them. These may not be glamourous, cyber security rarely is, but they may ensure that their business is able to realise the potential in the future. 

As AI technology continues to grow at a pace, we can only expect the use of deepfakes to continue. Social engineering and phishing methods used by cyber criminals, which trick employees into sharing information or clicking on innocent appearing links that seem to come from a trusted source, are growing increasingly sophisticated. 

AI’s growing sophistication and ease of use creates fertile ground for malicious cyber criminals, looking to enhance their toolkit. Hear Paul Bantick’s views on how AI is likely to impact cyber risk.