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Adverse weather can jeopardise business growth, lead to unbudgeted expenditure and cause volatility in earnings. Event organizers are among the many organizations that can protect their revenues from unexpected severe weather conditions through our bespoke weather products.

What we offer

Weather Guard

Weather Guard provides flexible insurance cover that gives the insured control over the key elements of their insurance – the type of cover, weather peril (rainfall, wind speed, snowfall, maximum or minimum temperature and general adverse weather), the intervention threshold(s) and coverage duration.

The product is powered by Beazley’s access to a comprehensive weather database that sources hourly and daily weather information from over 4,400 stations worldwide.

How can we help

Weather Guard is now available via a powerful online solution, myWeatherguard, that enables our brokers with quote-to-bind functionality for their clients.

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Examples or Scenarios

Weather Guard

Sports events, festivals, concerts and many other types of outdoor events rely on favorable weather in the set-up and while the event is live. Beazley Weather Guard can be tailored so that if pre-determined triggers lead to a partial or total cancellation the organizer or promoter is covered. For example, the organizer of an automobile race could suffer a loss of revenue if rainfall on the morning of the racing event reduces the number of walkup spectators, leading to a loss of revenue. A HVAC retail store runs weather related promotion in July and December, offering its consumers their money back if they purchase equipment in the store during the promotion sales period and if a pre-determined weather event occurs (e.g. rainfall, temperature, snowfall) on Independence Day and Christmas day. The trigger for the policy to pay out is the pre-determined event occurring at a given location on Christmas Day.

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