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Turnkey Reinsurance

We work with both insurance and reinsurance brokers to provide their carrier clients with the ideal turnkey solution that complements and rounds out their insurance product offerings. 

What we offer

Endorsement to a carrier’s product or as a standalone policy packaged with a carrier’s existing products

  • Cyber liability & breach response  
  • Employment practices liability  
  • Workplace violence  
  • Environmental  
  • Healthcare regulatory 
  • Sexual abuse & molestation  
  • Directors & officers  
  • Contractors pollution and professional ​ 
  • Premises pollution for fixed sites​ 
  • Regulatory liability insurance for healthcare providers​ 

How can we help

Beazley Product Solutions is a market leader in delivering innovative solutions for our insurance company partners. Our customized package includes policy forms, rate plans, underwriting guidelines, filing and marketing support as well as award winning services and claims handling. Alongside the product offering itself, we actively share product knowledge, market intelligence, output from our forecasting unit, help in product development, policy form reviews and claims support.

Who we can help

With a portfolio of small to mid-size clients, we understand the challenges that smaller institutions face - from balance sheets to resources. We take the time to understand our clients' needs and exposures in depth - time that a larger reinsurer may be unwilling to dedicate. Our target industries: 

  • Property/casualty insurance companies  
  • RRGs
  • Specialist insurance companies
  • Public entities​
  • Mutuals​
  • Pools​
  • Reciprocals​
  • Small and mid-size stock insurers​
  • Trusts​
  • Joint underwriting associations (JUAs)

The main focus is targeting any of the above with considerable books of business where the new product can be embedded on to the policies of small/medium businesses (SMEs). Specific exclusions will apply.



The Beazley Difference


Freedom lies in being bold. We dare to be different and seek bold possibilities to create more innovative, fair and satisfying outcomes for our clients, brokers and employees. From insuring the highest building in the world, to the first commercial lunar vehicle to operate on the moon - we boldly go where others won’t.


Good is a start, but we go all-out for better.  A driven community of individuals relentlessly push the needle and creating value. From launching the market’s first dedicated ESG syndicate to the establishment of our business unit focusing on designing digital insurance solutions, we pride ourselves on always going above and beyond.  Simply put, at  Beazley we go to 11.  


Acting with integrity in a straightforward, decent way is instinctive. Open and honest with others, we show respect and empathy however challenging the situation – demonstrated by our multi-award winning claims team.  Doing the right thing makes for a fair-minded, rewarding environment and makes work and life better for all.

Examples or Scenarios

Cyber example

Malware on a policyholder’s PoS system was believed to have compromised 150,000-200,000 payment cards.  Breach Services connected the insured to panel counsel and a forensic firm.  After the forensic investigation, the insured notified and provided credit monitoring to 100,000 affected individuals within 48 hours from the notification. The insured also used crisis management services to assist with the breach.  

Environmental example

The policyholder spills several large drums of diesel fuel on a jobsite. The policyholder called Beazley environmental emergency hotline and was connected to emergency clean up services. The site was cleaned and reopened the next day. The cost of clean up ($35,700) was covered under the environmental contractor policy.  

Your Beazley Team

Tim Foy

Tim Foy

Underwriter- Beazley Product Solutions

Philadelphia, PA, USA

(215) 446-8413

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Paul Henderson

Paul Henderson

Focus Group Leader - Beazley Product Solutions

London, UK

020 7674 7254

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Nick Spano

Nick Spano

Underwriter- Beazley Product Solutions

(312) 476-6287

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Jacob Spallina

Jacob Spallina

Underwriter - Specialty Treaty (Beazley Product Solutions)

Chantelle Davis

Chantelle Davis

Client Manager

New York, NY, USA

(212) 801-7223

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Erin Hendrix

Erin Hendrix

Claims Focus Group Leader - BPS

Atlanta, GA, USA

(770) 351-1711

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Jake Marold

Jake Marold

Underwriter, Turnkey Reinsurance

Atlanta, GA, USA

(770) 351-1720

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