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How different drives competitive advantage

  • Platform diversification

    Our strategy is to achieve a successful intersection of platforms and products the offers our brokers and client access to our expertise and specialist underwriting capacity where and when they do business. We believe that a mix of internactional wholesale and domestic business is the most effective way to deliver this.

  • Brand positioning

    Our distinctive brand, and the perceptions it generates, help us to grow our business, sustain relationships and attract and retain talented people.

  • Product specialisation

    We complement our platform strength with a product set focused on markets where issues can be complex, changing or emerging and terms and conditions and pricing are sustainable. We commit to these markets for the long term as we see demand grow for specialist insurance capacity.

  • Deep stakeholder partnerships

    We build strong, long-term relationships with like-minded stakeholders - of which clients and brokers are key - whose principles align with ours and through which each partner benefits.

  • Financial strength

    Enabling us to support both long-term strategies for navigating change whilst positioning us to take advantage of market opportunities and focus on innovating.

  • Responsible business

    We lead by example on the creation of responsible business practices and a framework for measuring our progress. It is a complex journey of delivering progressive solutions with tangible results over time, with the goal of building better resilience for our clients, our communities and shareholders.