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Specialty Risk

Specialty Risks is a suite of products that by nature have niche insurance offerings, requiring a wide knowledgebase to fully navigate the nuances of their industries.

The Environment

At a time of unprecedented social, political, economic and environmental change, corporate risks have become unpredictable and are increasing exponentially. Our suite of Specialty Risk products are created to meet the changing needs of our clients.

The Risk

It’s not always possible to find a catch all definition when it comes to business risk, nor create a one-size-fits-all insurance product for the wide and varied risks out there. This means that our Speciality Risks team work closely with clients to design bespoke products which meet their needs.

The Need

Given that Specialty Risks is a suite of products with niche offerings, a culmination of experts is required to facilitate the sharing ideas and development of an environment of innovation for future insurance solutions. The products we offer are:

  • Product Recall – claims-made coverage for consumable products, consumer goods, and component parts manufacturers globally.
  • Media Liability – a tailored solution for media related businesses globally ranging from publishers to broadcasters, bloggers, vloggers, social influencers and authors.
  • Reputational Risk - our product provides executives and boards with real-time intelligence to identify reputational threats, protection against financial loss and crisis mitigation.
  • Miscellaneous Medical & Life Sciences (small business) - coverage for a wide range of healthcare and life science organizations on both a primary (duty to defend) and an excess basis.
  • US Programs - programs are best administered by coverholders that are experts in their field and understand risk. Our focus is on industry specific solutions with a broad spectrum of risk specializations.