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What makes us different?

When a claim has been made against you by someone else, or where you have a claim because you have suffered a loss, the claims process can too often feel intimidating, drawn-out and even confrontational.  This is why we take a personal and progressive approach.

We understand that businesses, large and small, are run by real people feeling real impact, so we work hard to ensure our clients get the best solution quickly and ensure they feel supported at every step, even if that means challenging the status quo and exploring new ways of doing things. 

Simply put, we are here to enable our clients to get back to doing what they do best.

Our claims service standards

A dependable, high quality claims service has been at the heart of Beazley's business for three decades. We focus on five areas that we know matter greatly to brokers and clients:

Expertise, Responsiveness, Partnership, Fairness, Accountability.

Industry recognition

Winner of the 2023 Cyber Claims Team (Insurer or MGA) Award

Insurance Insider Honours
Winner of the 2022 Claims Service Award
Winner of the 2021 & 2020 Cuthbert Heath Award
(Claims and Losses)

British Insurance Awards
Winner of the 2022 Claims Initiative of the Year - Insurer

Winner of the 2021 & 2020 Cyber Risk Pre-Breach Team Award
Winner of the 2021 Cyber Risk Insurer Award

Reactions London Market Awards
Winner of the 2020 Excellence in Claims Service Award

Our Group Claims Management Team