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The Annual Career Conference

May 05, 2023

Last month, myself and 3 colleagues from the RACE Network in London joined the ICAN (Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) for the Annual Career Conference, hosted by The Reach Society.

It was a well-supported event aimed at young people, aged 13+. It was held during their half-term break, and the future professionals were accompanied by their parents and guardians. It was a great opportunity to network with the young professionals and give them some insight to our working lives, the insurance industry and our experience of working for Beazley.

One of the core values of the RACE network is Community; it is hugely important for us to be able to make an impact on people and causes outside of Beazley, especially if we are inspiring potential candidates. The opportunity was inspiring and humbling, and I was delighted to be a part of it.

Dauda Jammeh

Head of Finance Operations

  • Moussa Thiam- Head of Cross Border
  • Edmond Tambe- Lead Reporting Actuary
  • Sam Nwokoye- Assistant Regulatory Reporting Accountant