Our Wellbeing network focuses on promoting the importance of positive mental wellbeing and raising awareness of mental health conditions as well as ensuring colleagues struggling with their wellbeing have access to a range of support. Network members have written articles, hosted several global webinars, trained 30+ mental health first aiders across the UK, USA and Canada and been instrumental in the launch of Thrive, the wellbeing app available to all employees internationally. Network members created a suite of training for the company including "Managing for Mental Health" and "Champion" training delivered directly to teams encouraging more discussion on mental health. The network aims to end the taboo of talking about mental health conditions, and have celebrated colleagues sharing their experiences with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder or with the importance of seeking out professional help. 

Our Wellbeing network partners with Thrive and Mental First Aid England to support our employee resources in this area. For questions about Beazley’s inclusion & diversity approach, please contact Chelsey.Sprong [at] beazley.com (Chelsey Sprong)