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Weather Guard

Weather Guard provides flexible insurance cover that gives the insured control over the key elements of their insurance – the type of cover, weather peril (rainfall, wind speed, snowfall, maximum or minimum temperature and general adverse weather), the intervention threshold(s) and coverage duration. 

The product is powered by Beazley’s access to a comprehensive weather database that sources hourly and daily weather information from over 4,400 stations worldwide.

Event weather - Predetermined weather triggers lead to losses at an event such as a fair, festival or concert.

Sales promotions - Creates distinct marketing campaigns linked to weather, support sales targets and differentiate from competitors, while offering consumers full or partial refunds on items purchased during promotional sales period. 

Seasonal Snowfall - Income stabilization & Cost containment

Income stabilization- Uses the occurrence of a lack of weather events to normalize operating revenues.

Cost containment - Uses the occurrence of an excess number of weather events or to normalize operating expenses. 

Hurricane Contingent Business Interruption Cover

Hurricanes can be devastating to your business even while leaving your property unscathed. If your business is in the path of a predicted hurricane, you could suffer significant financial loss. But without property damage to your business location there can be no business interruption claim.

Beazley’s Hurricane Business Interruption Cover fills this coverage gap, reimbursing lost revenues for your business locations that suffer no property damage due to hurricane threats.

How can we help

Weather Guard is now available via a powerful online solution, myWeatherguard, that enables our brokers with quote-to-bind functionality for their clients. 

It offers:

  • Simple to use end-to-end system allows brokers to quote and bind in only a matter of minutes for weather perils such as rainfall, wind speed, snowfall, temperature, lightning, and general adverse weather
  • Quick and automatic referrals to underwriters for review
  • Ability to quote and bind promotional risks as well for all the above perils
  • Quote and bind events varying in duration, from one day up to multi-day events at a single event location
  • Automatically requests third party weather monitoring, WeatherWorks, to monitor on your behalf for simpler claims verification. We notify you of a claim, not the other way around.
  • This new online solution is administered with by our partner, however rest assured that:
  • Weather Guard is still written on Beazley’s US admitted paper
  • Claims handling still managed by Beazley’s experienced and responsive claims team  
  • No change to the cover or limits available
  • All specific weather perils remain available

Additional perils and coverage enhancements available from Beazley:

  • Seasonal snowfall business – cost containment and income stabilization
  • Rainfall dry hours
  • Cancellation plus (Event cancellation coverage with agreed-value rainfall sublimit)
  • Hurricane Contingent Business Interruption Cover
  • Stepped coverage
  • Dual Period Coverage
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Examples or Scenarios

Weather Guard

Sports events, festivals, concerts and many other types of outdoor events rely on favorable weather in the set-up and while the event is live. Beazley Weather Guard can be tailored so that if pre-determined triggers lead to a partial or total cancellation the organizer or promoter is covered. For example, the organizer of an automobile race could suffer a loss of revenue if rainfall on the morning of the racing event reduces the number of walkup spectators, leading to a loss of revenue. A HVAC retail store runs weather related promotion in July and December, offering its consumers their money back if they purchase equipment in the store during the promotion sales period and if a pre-determined weather event occurs (e.g. rainfall, temperature, snowfall) on Independence Day and Christmas day. The trigger for the policy to pay out is the pre-determined event occurring at a given location on Christmas Day.

A film production company requires at least eight “dry-hours” during the day, either consecutively or non-consecutively to shoot an outdoor scene for a film. If there are less than eight “dry-hours”, then the shoot would be a wash-out and considerable expense would be incurred in terms of rescheduling the shoot for an alternative date. Beazley Weather Guard can insure the day’s shoot, and cover the rescheduling costs should the weather conditions create a claim.
Hurricane Contingent Business Interruption Cover
With 48 hours prior to landfall, Hurricane Florence was looking like a worst case scenario for Myrtle
Beach. A category 4 or 5 storm heading for a direct hit, in September when weekends are still generating revenues from tourists for local restaurants, hotels and attractions. With a state of emergency declared,
business owners had no choice but to board up for the weekend and pray for the best outcome. Luckily, those prayers were heard as Florence downgraded as it approached the coast and Myrtle Beach was spared the destruction it thought was imminent just 48 hours prior. 

Unfortunately, though for those business operators, they were now looking at a days and possibly weeks’ worth of zero revenues before tourists would come back in expected numbers. With glass and roof intact and roads accessible, property insurers were not responsible for any business interruption losses as there was no physical damage.

That’s where Hurricane Business Interruption Cover Due to Non-Physical Damage coverage filled the gap. With a business location inside a 100-mile radius of the forecasted cone while the storm was a category 2 or above, Beazley’s coverage triggered and provided lost business income coverage for up to a 30-day period directly following the storm’s arrival.

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