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One of the most difficult risks to defend against is the incursion of armed assailants intent on inflicting harm. Although shootings are all too often in the headlines, recent experience reminds us that devastation can also be wrought using seemingly everyday items. Our Deadly Weapons Protection product includes three core pillars: 

Prevention services​ 

  • Post underwriting review: This is a remote post underwriting review in order to analyse and evaluate the security protocols of the client as well as to highlight any current exposures, threats and dangers. A risk analysis report of findings and general recommendations are provided to the client. 
  • Action plan webinar: This covers issues such as incident awareness, typical profiles of an assailant, how to respond to an incident, creating an emergency action plan, and raising awareness of key behaviours. 
  • Deadly Weapon Protection portal: Clients are given access to a portal containing useful information including case studies, thought leadership articles, assistance with creating security and active shooter plans, test exercises, copies of all previous webinars and an ask the expert feature.

Crisis management services​ 

The support falls into four categories, but not limited to: 

  • Investigation on behalf of the client to determine the facts of the event to help inform the client’s response. 
  • Advice and support with the management of the situation. For example, counselling and communication strategies. 
  • When required post an event, the provision of temporary security enhancement such as armed or unarmed agents. 
  • Advice for clients who may be aware of a circumstance that could potentially result in a deadly weapon attack occurring at their location. 
  • Crisis services are provided by CrisisRisk, one of the leading crisis and risk management providers in the US, with a vast experience of effectively managing a broad range of high-profile incidents. 

Insurance cover to indemnify losses​ 

  • Primary liability cover for lawsuits arising from harm caused by attacks using deadly weapons. 
  • Flexibility to set excesses and policy limits to suit the insureds’ needs (access to policy limits up to $30,000,000 through the Lloyd’s Deadly Weapons Consortium). 
  • Physical damage up to the full policy as standard. 
  • Business interruption policy extension up to full policy limit available if purchased 
  • Accidental death and dismemberment sublimit per person of $50,000 and medical expenses sublimit per person of $25,000. 
  • Access to CrisisRisk upon the awareness of a Circumstance before an actual event takes place. 
  • Coverage against the threat of a deadly weapon attack.
  • Crisis management fees are unlimited and in addition to the policy limit (I.e. do not erode the policy limit). 
  • Additional crisis management expenses are now included. 

Crisis management services are activated if a weapon is just brandished as well as if actually used. 

Cover for a wide variety of weapons. Including:​ 

  • Any portable firearm (whether loaded or unloaded)​ 
  • Explosive device​ 
  • Knife​ 
  • Syringe​ 
  • Medical instrument​ 
  • Corrosive substance​ 
  • Any other handheld device or instrument which is used to deliberately cause death or bodily injury​ 
  • Any road vehicle that is occupied and used by an assailant to deliberately cause death or bodily injury.​ 

How can we help

In the modern world, threats come from many sources. One of the most difficult to defend against is the incursion of armed assailants intent on inflicting harm. 

Although shootings are all too often in the headlines, recent experience reminds us that devastation can also be wrought using seemingly everyday items such as knives and road vehicles. 

If an institution gets things wrong the liability on the owners and management for a non-staff member harmed in an attack can be significant. Beazley is an expert in liability insurance and has created a Deadly Weapons Protection package specifically designed to assist institutions that are at risk. Key is a range of carefully designed services that help reduce the risk of an event happening while helping institutions respond as effectively as possible should one take place. 

Organizations should carefully check their general liability policy as it is likely that deadly weapon attacks are not covered. The value of Beazley Deadly Weapon Protection is that it has been specifically designed for such attacks and provides clear affirmative liability cover. 

Eliminating the risk of a malicious attack is impossible but preparing for one is essential. That is why risk prevention and crisis management services are so central to our product and help customers demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards of safety. 

Customers have access to our Deadly Weapons Portal containing information and tools to help them reduce and manage the risk associated with a malicious attack. They also have access to regular crisis action-plan webinars and a security vulnerability assessment as part of our protection pillar. 

Who we can help

We are able to assist a range of organizations and establishments at risk, including but not limited to:​  

  • Educational institutions  
  • Entertainment organizations  
  • Healthcare providers  
  • Municipalities and events 
  • Office buildings 
  • Religious institutions  
  • Retail organizations



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Examples or Scenarios

  • A shooting occurred in the vicinity of a school’s football stadium while a game was in progress. Although those involved in the shooting were not connected to the school there was still potential for it to have affected the school and the community given where the incident occurred. Within hours of the attack Beazley had arranged a face to face and telephone based counselling service to be accessed by the schools that may have had students impacted. Additionally, it immediately arranged social media monitoring that helped the District assess the community sentiments about what had happened. 
  • A deadly shooting occurred at a ticketed event held in a popular sports venue after an argument broke out. The venue was near capacity when the perpetrator brandished the firearm and shot into the crowd. On hearing gunshots patrons fled to the exits. Some sustained soft tissue injuries as a result of the panic triggered by the gunshots. Our service provider was on site within hours of the event to support the insured in the immediate aftermath and to help reach out to witnesses and victims. They arranged counseling and bereavement services for those who witnessed the attack. Moreover they monitored social media to assess the impact on the wider community.  
  • The incident occurred in the campus parking lot adjacent to the school's football stadium while a game was in progress. Two adults were shot. Still subject to investigation, it is suspected that the shootings were gang related. Although those directly involved with this shooting are not understood to be connected with the school, the impact on the school and local community of such an incident can be profound. 

The School District of Palm Beach County had the foresight to take out Beazley's Deadly Weapons Protection policy. Within hours of the attack we had arranged a face to face and telephone based counseling service to be accessed by the schools that may have had students impacted.   Additionally, they immediately arranged social media monitoring that helped the District assess the community sentiments about what had happened. 

The feedback from the School District of Palm Beach County speaks for itself: 

"We of course hoped that we would never have to implement our gun incident response plan. However these shootings showed the importance of being well prepared and able to rapidly draw on the expertise provided by the Beazley Deadly Weapons policy to support our students and the wider school community when they needed us most." 

- Dianne Howard, Director of Risk and Benefits Management, The School District of Palm Beach County. 

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