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    A truly valuable insurance solution involves swift and decisive underwriting. A broker does not bring a risk to Beazley ‎for a "maybe". They expect, and receive, a straight answer to the question - can you write my client's risk or not?

    We make this possible by hiring highly experienced underwriters and giving them the authority they need to give brokers straight answers. We know that time is our brokers' most precious resource. We don't waste it.

    Bob Quane

    Chief Underwriting Officer

    Bob Quabe

    The moment of truth: claims service

    In an uncertain world, you need the assurance of an insurance partner who can calmly and expertly support you through a seamless and efficient claims process. We are guided by three core principles being bold, striving for better and doing the right thing ensuring a claims process that works with you and for you.

    Our approach

    We understand that businesses, large and small, are run by real people feeling real impact, so we work hard to ensure our clients get the best solution quickly and ensure they feel supported at every step, even if that means challenging the status quo and exploring new ways of doing things.

    Simply put, we are here to enable our clients to get back to doing what they do best.

    Beth Diamond

    Group Head of Claims

    Our approach
    Beth Diamond
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