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    Beazley Safeguard (Canada) in Executive Risk

    Beazley Safeguard services

    Beazley Safeguard services

    Learn about the services available through your Safeguard policy.

    Prevention services

    Total immunity from risk is impossible, but effective risk management can reduce it substantially, while reinforcing an organization’s commitment to the highest standards of safety and supervision.

    Beazley Safeguard clients have access to, a dedicated risk management website managed by Praesidium, a risk management firm with over two decades of experience helping organizations reduce the risk of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations.

    Resources available to all policyholders:

    • Model policies to assist organizations in the creation of abuse prevention policy documentation
    • Discounted background screening services available with an additional contract*
    • Screening and selection toolkit to assist in effective screening of employees and caregivers
    • Crisis response toolkit that includes written resources and guidance to navigate crisis response before, during and after an allegation
    • Foundational webinars covering abuse prevention guidance
    • Online abuse prevention training
    • Praesidium helpline for non-emergency discussion of high-level concerns (in addition to the incident reporting hotline)

    Additional resources available to policyholders who meet a premium threshold:

    • Offsite general consultation with Praesidium’s Safety Analysts (two hours)
    • Webinars for specific industries and issues (two per year)

    Resources available to all policyholders, at an additional cost:

    • Certified Praesidium Guardian workshop where participants learn best practices in organizational abuse prevention
    • Creating a safe environment facilitator led video program
    • Onsite training for abuse prevention, response and investigation
    • Know your score online self-assessment
    • A range of surveys, reviews and assessments resulting in Praesidium providing organizations with tailored advice and recommendations
    • Praesidium accreditation which publicly demonstrates commitment to maintaining safer environments.

    Response services

    Allegations and incidents of abuse are usually complex, highly sensitive and time-critical. Organizations, most of which will never have dealt with such situations, can feel unprepared and overwhelmed at the prospect of managing their response and the multitude of issues suddenly confronting them.

    However, the onus is upon the organization to act quickly and decisively. The nature and speed of the response are everything. If handled well, the response can limit the distress caused, as well as the risk of serious reputational and financial damage.

    If an organization experiences an incident, Beazley can deploy experts to support an insured through the initial crisis period.

    • $50,000 sub limit available
    • First dollar coverage (no self insured retention applicable)

    Beazley has partnered with several firms, all highly experienced and expert in their respective fields, to address the many operational and reputational challenges that organizations might face in the event of a crisis situation. While the service providers' fees and expenses will be met by Beazley up to the submited amount, the service providers will be engaged directly by the insured, to represent the insured's interests.

    *Not available for policyholders based in Canada

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