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    With the expansion of esports comes an array of risk factors of which even the quickest witted gamer may not be aware.

    The rapidly growing world of competitive video gaming, in which professional players compete in vast arenas, often for seven-figure prizes, is captivating global audiences. Millions of fans attend live events and watch hours of footage of their favourite players on dedicated streaming services. In just over a decade, esports has developed from a niche pastime into an established global sport in its own right.


    Many different groups have a stake in the esports industry including tournament organisers, sponsors, vloggers, game developers, teams and players themselves. As well as sponsorship by big brands, the well-known names in esports are increasingly grabbing the attention of investors lured by the rapid growth.

    With major global brands investing in the world of esports and a growing global audience it has now evolved into a billion dollar professional industry bringing with it an array of risk factors to consider.

    Specialist cover

    Albeit a relatively new sector, the types of risk that are present in esports are familiar territory for Beazley. We have been developing innovative insurance solutions for specialist risks for more than three decades. This includes covering some of the world’s biggest sporting events and their star competitors.  We also recognise the  distinct requirements of the esports industry. Our extensive expertise in providing bespoke insurance cover for all sizes of organisation ensures that, should the worst happen, our clients can have peace of mind in the knowledge that they can rely on our outstanding claims service.

    Media Liability

    Owing to the complex web of media rights, those involved in streaming and generating esports content have distinct insurance requirements. Vloggers and streaming platforms could be subject to suits for libel and slander, intellectual property infringement, breach of privacy or misappropriation of name or likeness.

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    Event Cancellation

    Event organisers, promoters and sponsors invest time and resource to ensure the success and smooth running of esports events. With so much at stake, they cannot risk the financial consequences of the cancellation of an event or non-appearance of key talent.

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    Media Tech

    In the high-tech, fast-paced world of esports, every nanosecond counts when it comes to ensuring continuous play and the seamless streaming of live events. It is critical for event organisers and host platforms to avoid claims arising from tech failures that could affect ticket sales, as well as claims for breach of contract and professional negligence.

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    Deadly Weapons Protection

    Unfortunately eliminating the risk of an attack is impossible and the liability on owners can be significant. For venues and the organisers of large events, being prepared is essential to reduce the risk of an attack happening while helping institutions respond as effectively as possible.

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    Mergers & Acquisitions

    Many esports brands have been the target for mergers and acquisitions as new entrants to the sector seek investment opportunities. Esports firms have been subject to a raft of litigation and so there are real risks that a buyer could assume unforeseen liabilities from the seller that were not revealed during the sale leading to dispute.

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